Flowers For Algernon

Study Guide- Progress Reports 1-6

1. Why do you think it is important for Charlie to write down “every thing that happins” to him?
So they can record his activites and they can record his educational progress. Also to see what activities he did before and after the operation was done.
2. Why can’t Charlie find the pictures in the inkblot?
Because its all blury to him and since he's retarded he can't find the pictures within.
3. Why does Charlie think he fails the test?
Because the doctor keeps telling to keep looking because everytime he guesses he sees something its wrong.
4. Why does Charlie want to be smart so badly?
To prove to his parents and his friends that he is smart. Also so he can have smart friends.
5. What kind of person is Gimpy? How do you know?
He's an a-hole.
He yells at him for dropping rolls and other accidents that Charlie causes.
6. What is Charlie’s relationship with his family now? How about in the past?
He never talks to them or sees them.
He doesn't even know if they are alive or not. He doesn't remember them.
7. What does Charlie think of Algernon?
He thinks he's really smart and really smart. He wishes he could be smarter than him.
8. Compare and contrast Charlie’s motivation to Algernon’s motivation.
Charlies motivation is to be smart and prove to everyone he can be smart. Algernon's motivation is cheese.
9. What are the risks? What are the possible benefits to science, Charlie, and others like him? Do you agree that Charlie should risk the operation? Would you take the risk if you were in Charlie’ position?
He could become more retarted. He could become smart and then lose all his smarts. He could die.
He could be smart and be better off in life. It would be a scientific break through for all retards.
Yes. He really wants to be smart.
Hell ya. If i was already retarded i would want to be smart and i really wouldn't mind if i became more retarded.
10.How is the operation a “2nd chanse” for Charlie?
It gives him a chance to start his life over and be smart. He could have a normal life.
11. What kind of person is Miss Kinnian? How do you know?
She's a very nice and caring person.
She likes to help Charlie and she wants him to get smart. She always recomends him for the operation because he has the most improvement.